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Guidelines to Present Scripted Bible Stories in an Edifying Way

  1. Simply read the lines.
    The aim is not to perform, but to relive key Bible events.
    Bible story skits are simple and brief, in order to do them often.
    Except in a very small group, it is better for those who read scripts to stand.
  2. No need for costumes and props.
    The aim is to relive key sacred events, not to entertain or perform, which can distract from God’s message.
  3. Skits take only two to five minutes, unless noted otherwise.
  4. Everyone takes part, children, adults and tiny tots.
    You need no audience: those who receive no script are Echoes who repeat a Prompter’s brief words or gestures.
  5. Engage children actively in worship.
    Many house churches have more children than adults, and often the children are merely observers during the adult’s worship.
    These scripted stories let small children be Echoes, so they can take an active part.
    Make sure Echoes know who their Prompter is. Adults can also be Echoes.
  6. Let older children lead and prepare the younger.
    Both will then grow stronger and more rapidly in Christ.
  7. Women can take men’s parts and vice versa, if necessary.
  8. You may copy the skits freely and modify them to fit your local setting.
  9. Ask discussion questions afterwards. Examples:
    What did you learn about God?
    What did you learn about people?
    What will you do about it this week?
    To whom will you repeat the story?
    What did you do last week to apply its lesson?
    To whom did you repeat last week’s story?